TO Karen

I came to You

Born not of Innocence.

For life before this was a

Turbulent Waste.

My Seething Soul as Racked

with self-deception,


And Life itself had lost


Meaningful Grace.


I came to You

From the Void of Obscurity


Unfulfilled Passions

And Plans ruined by


Almost like Magic,

You shored up my Castle,

Healing my Wounds


Caressing my Face.


I came to You

Offering Genuine Feelings

That you could Believe in,

If it Suited

Your Taste.

You accepted me Gladly.

Plied me with


Feelings of Joy

And opened your Place.


I came to You

Needing Comfort,


I clung to you Bosom,

With your Arms

‘Round my Waist.

Your hands were Revealing,

Your Moist Lips Appealing,


The Seeds of our Love,

Made my Eager Heart



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