The Eve of the Knife


The Eve of the Knife

( Free Style Pre-surgical Thoughts)



On the eve of the knife,

  as I contemplate my life

and my worries tumble with my fears,

I toss

and I turn,

weighing each concern,
not the least of which


“Am I doing the right thing”?

Anesthesia’s a risk,

as is a slip of doctor’s wrist.

Plus there’s germs in every hospital

that may cause

my demise.

Recovery sounds tough,

but if I do it well enough,

and I complete my therapy


Then I pray

that I finally get well.

I guess only time will tell.


is in God’s


  my surgeon’s


Hope my insurance is enough.

Hope this time it works.

Hope I don’t die.

Hope …



Author Notes

My wife is undergoing back surgery tomorrow morning at 7:00AM in hopes of relieving 9 Years of chronic back pain. We need to be there by 6AM. These are some of the things going through her mind. 

Just a simple Free Style poem as I woke this morning with these impressions. A Free Style poem is unstructured in rhyme and meter, like Free Verse, but may contain rhyme.

This picture is courtesy of Yahoo Images.

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