Recovery Begins


Recovery Begins

 (Sans Limerick)



Oh how my heart beats sing!

As she’s home recovering,

From the trauma

And the drama,

The ordeal’s suffering.

There is no place like home,

And she won’t be alone.

She recovers,

Hubby hovers,

So that she may stay prone.

Together we’ll succeed,

As the doctor’s decreed.

Fully embrace,

Challenge we face,

Where healing is our need.

No obstacle’s too tall,

No issues are too small,

That we can’t meet,

Or can’t defeat,

Together through it all.


Author Notes Brought my wife, Karen, home from the hospital today. So far, things are going well. After her back surgery, she’ll be on bed rest and crutches for 3 weeks. 3 months for full recovery.
This is San Limerick. “Sans” meaning near or similar t

o. It has 5 lines per stanza and a rhyme scheme of aabba, like a Limerick, but the meter is much shorter. Instead of a typical meter of 9/9/6/6/9, this poem has much shorter meter of 6/6/4/4/6.

This picture is from Yahoo Images


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