Over the Waterfall

Minnehaha Falls 1

Over the water fall,

A very strange place for a first date,

But when she got the call, she was in for it all

Going ou

t On a date

Was a fate

To relate

Not a doubt

It’s about

Feeling great

Sing and shout

So, she set aside he fears, and got a baby sitter.

She was so in love, she didn’t know what hit her.



Over the water fall,

Off to the river, into the raft.

Wolf River, Wisconsin, there to learn a new craft.

Learn a skill

It’s a thrill

That she will

Down the hill

Be set free


In the chill

Due to me

But she is off to the first adventures of life,

With the man of her dreams to become his new wife.



Over the water fall,

She heard a sound that made her worry.

A roar like thunder, he called just a wind flurry.

Then she’s in

to a spin

with a grin

on her chin

Then a twirl

And a whirl

Grab the pin

As they hurl

Ten feet in the air, over the edge they both go

Down Old Smokey Falls, with splash and a laugh, they flow.


That first date

It was fate

That we’d mate.

It was Great!


Author Notes On one of our first dates, I took my, soon to be, second wife on a rafting trip down the Wolf River in Wisconsin. I failed to mention to her we’d be going over 10 foot high Old Smokey Waterfalls. I thought it might scare her too much if I told her, and wanted to see what stuff she was made of. She got a bit apperhensive was the horizon suddenly disappeared and she heard a great roar. I told her it was probably the wind in the trees, but to grab the safety pin bars and hold on.

Well the first thing she said to me after we landed in a deep pool at the bottom was, “Let’s do it Again!”.

She says she fell in love the first minute she saw me, but I think this, was when she fell for me.

That was in 1974. We got married in 1975, and still are together.

I tried to write this poem to look like each stanza was a waterfall. Each stanga has 13 lines.

The syllable count is: 6,9,12,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,12,12.

The rhyme scheme is: Abacdddcac Abbccccdcdee Abbccccdddcdee

The picutre is mine, of Minnehaha Falls. The owners of Old Smokey Falls blew it up after too many law suits. It’s now a long rapids.

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