Living with Pain


Living with Pain (A Free Verse Poem)

When the pain gets to the brain

Suffering suffuses the soul.

It carries you away from ordinary thought

And selfishly hoards the day

Oh what can one person do,

When doctors don’t have a clue?

I can read the furrows on her brow,

As she courageously suffers inside,

Stoically silent, pushing on through,

The torment that she tries to hide.

Oh what can one person do,

When doctors don’t have a clue?

I see that just thinking is an effort,

And small tasks drain all of her strength,

While praying for God to release her,

Through the tears that she hides from me.

Oh what can one person do,

When doctors don’t have a clue?

All I can do is to embrace her,

Try to kiss away all of her pain,

Hold her hand as together we pray

That relief will finally come some day.

Some day! Some Day! Some Day!
Oh please, some Day!


Author Notes

Dedicated to my wife Karen. My wife lives every day with chronic back pain that is OK in the morning but gets increasingly worse as the day progresses. On a good day she can make it to 7pm, on a bad day 3 – 5 pm, until she is debilitated, bedridden, and in tears. I can’t do much for her but love and comfort her. We’ve tried everything. We pray that someday it will get better as we continue to work at it.

This is a free verse poem with some incidental rhyme.

I’d like to thank Ritchie, 9999pool for sponsoring this book and hope it will bring comfort to those who also suffer, and compassion from those who share the journey.

This picture is actually from a photograph of my wife that I have morphed to create this image.

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