Light has great value to people, you know?

The meanings it’s had are easy to show.

For even through History, in stories that flow

Across Ions of time, Man’s dependance must grow

To appreciate Light and its warm, comforting Glow.


The caveman knew Fire meant more than a meal.

Night’s campfire gave warmth and visual appeal,

And also gave protection from Creatures quite real

That stalked through the Night and attempted to steal

The Life that its victim would no longer feel.


To Moses the Burning Bush played a definite role.

In the New Testament, firey Tongues made Apostolic faith whole.

Constantine’s Cross in the sky took the Enemy’s toll.

While we place the Christmas star at the top of the pole.

For Light can mean Deep Faith that touches the Soul.


To Nero, Light had elements of Badness.

It bore through his mind increasing his Madness.

He played on his fiddle with Demonic Gladness

A tribute to Satan. Were his followers Mad? Yes!

Light of that kind should be looked on with Sadness.


Paul Revere’s signal to Action was Light

That compelled him to ride hell-bent for Freedom that Night,

And rally his Countrymen to gather the Might

To defeat the British in a cause that was Right.

On that day, be Glad that his Lantern was Bright.


Today we use Light  to Protect, Heat, and Warm,

As a Lighthouse’s Beam protects Ships in a Storm;

And flashing Police Lights are a method to Warn

Of Emergency dashes to Protect Us from Harm.

These uses of Light have Utilitarian Charm.


The Light from a Candle will flicker and Fade.

Shadows of Sunlight provide cooling and Shade.

Moonlight can evoke a Romantic Seranade,

Or encourage two Lovers to Nakedly Wade.

These are the things from which Stories are Made.


To Me, the Beauty of Light simply Applies;

Like the serenity that watching a sleeping Child Buys;

Or the Intricate Patterns of skittering Fire-Flies;

Or the Universal Granduer of Stars in the Skies.

Still nothing’s more Beautiful than the Sparkling Light in Your Eyes.


For Light can mean LOVE

And Love shines Brightly in Karen’s Beautiful Eyes.

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