Sitting in my Empty Home

Crying in the dark alone

With the children fully grown

Wife’s respect and love have flown,

To somewhere in the twilight zone.

I inventory everything I own,

Clothes, house, car, and telephone.

A weary weight in each aching bone

From the battles lost and victories won.

Well 44 years of career are done

My memoirs I’ve only started on

And 35 of marriage are gone

Assets and dreams have followed along.


So I let out a babbling bark

As I cry alone in the dark

Heavy tears tracking a mark

Over my love’s lost spark

With an aching hole in my heart

While my life has broken apart.

So don’t be surprised as I start

To weep at a couple in love

Hugging tightly as a glove

Bringing memories I was a part of.

Tears trickle down from above.


With my genetic clock ticking

Future choices I’m picking.

Bruised from a brutal sticking

I have taken a serious licking.

But I’ve borne previous nicking

And my motor is still clicking.

I’m bloody, bruised and flicking.


But I promise


I’ll come up kicking.

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