A Certain Someone

From the day I was Born, until something was done,
My heart has been searching for a certain someone.
I don’t want just anyone, but someone real sweet,
Whose sight makes my heart leap whenever we meet.
Someone who wants me , I’d fall for her badly. 

And just when I need her, She’d come to me gladly.

Someone to talk to, and never feel cold with,

Someone who’ll love me and prove it, and show it.

Yes, if she pleased me, then I’d let her know it.

Someone whose touch is as soft as Fine Felt,

Someone whose look makes my heart start to melt.

A Girl with a Heart and a sweet  loving Face,

Whose  eyes are like Stars giving Beauty and Grace.

Someone who’ll do things that I like to do,

And when she makes plans, she’ll make them for two.

Someone to me, she says “No” hardly ever,

And someone whom I want to be with forever.

Someone whose presence warms me all over.

Someone whose sensible, but loving of fun,

Someone who knows me and won’t make me run.

Someone who’s manner is gay, sweet, yet tough,

And just to be with her, for me, is enough.

A girl who for money wants little or none.

A girl I can worship – my Moon and my Sun.

A person I’m proud of to have by my side,

And all my affection for her I won’t Hide.

Someone who cares, someone who’s true,

Someone to need me!

Someone like YOU!

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