Football Season’s Here

Football Season’s Here

 (Sculptured Verse)



Football’s here!
Can't wait to shout and cheer!
Minnesota Vikings will finally take the field.
All their starters will finally have their future revealed,
In a very tough division, where you’ll find no fate is sealed.
I'm anxious to put on purple paint to watch my favorite players play.
I will be watching it on television or at the game every Football Sunday,
While I root for a rout of each opponent, or, if not, then at least for a close win.
I'll tell you, it’s very hard to hold it all in, being anxious and ready for the game to begin.
After practices, scrimmages, and the pre-season blows, all surviving players are ready to go.
Fill up the stands. The whole place is jumping. Fan hearts are thumping. Get on with this show!
No matter the venue. Don't care if it's road game or home game, all the same, fans just want a win.
Toss that coin, select the field, play the National Anthem. Then line them up. Let the game begin.
Watch the starting kickoff as the ball sails aloft. Relish the mayhem; whistle, yell and scoff.
Just can't wait to seethe running back run with the ball, when that guy gets the call,
On Defense, when limebacker makes the opposing Quarterbacks take big fall.
On offense some strategic field goals would get fans off their feet.
These are those memories that will certainly keep.
Hoping the safety snags one too!
Purple comes through.
Go Vikes!
Show Purple Pride!
Shout, cheer, let out a Skol,
Take us fans to the Superbowl!



Author Notes

Cheering for my Minnesota Vikings at the start of the season.

This poem is intended to be shaped like a football, No specific meter, but the lines have been rhymed.

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