Cease the Conflict

‘Tis but a time of tribulation
A world where a cast of Titans clash
Where truths teeter on veneration
Of deities misconstrued as brash.

True thoughts of tolerance turns to hate,
As the nature of conflict affords.
Makes Christians and Muslims pursue fate
That was unintended by their Lords.

How could such travesty come about
From doctrine with a message of love?
The translation that fanatics tout
Wasn’t given by those up above.

Insanity rules these holy wars,
Whether Crusade or Jihad or not.
Eons of hate haven’t settled scores.
It must be Satan’s hideous plot.

For centuries too much blood was shed,
And yet neither side has prevailed.
Too many innocent souls are dead,
With sacred sites too often assailed.

Why not bring peace to the Holy Land?
Understanding to the Middle East?
Fully extend a brotherly hand.
Ensure that the conflict has ceased.


Author’s Notes:

Why must we be this way?

This poem is a series of Quatrains with an abab rhyme scheme and a meter of 9 counts.

The Picture is from Yahoo Images

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