Evil Lived Days

Evil Lived Days (A Word Weave Poem)

Shibboleth, how with high historic castle edge,

Even now where evil lurks,

Stood Devil- led demon, Nemesis.

She exhibits shear raw whipsaw works.

Swinging gore encrusted Devil lash,

Her rage engaged down needless souls,

She extracts skin-nicked dear revenge.

Exhausting grief falls swiftly, yet consoles

Spirits seeking grim, meant to open new wars.

Spiteful leering gods sitting great thwart thrones,

Spend day’s sacrifice entranced, downing gruel.

Liquor red, draws strong grim moans.

Such horrid dip passed deep pagan night

‘Til later religion negated disaster rite.


Author Notes

Evil thirsts for Blood and Pain. The Old pagan gods want vengeance and war.

This poem is a Word Weave. My second one. The idea is to write a poem where each word is followed by the next word using the last letter of the word before it. Hence the weave. I made it rhyme, but doesn’t have to. The trick is to make sense of the poetic theme.
Shibboleth is a password or test word, to identify those allowed to pass.
Nemesis is the goddess of vengeance. She is known to carry a scourge or whip. Seeking grim is to seek blood. Thwart thrones. Thrones of evil that thwart good. Liquor red is blood. Horrid dip, evil blood sacrifice.

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