Golden Globes

Golden Globes

(A Whitney- 3 Poem)

Golden Globes
That spin around
Tick-tock time
With hourly chime
Shiny face
Images found
Reflected on the surface

Mother’s clock
Bequeathed to us
Spinning balls
Are marvelous
Rhythms unlock
When every hour falls

Think of her
Each time it chimes
Saint above
Reflecting love
Many times
Within our day
A sound sent by our mother

Author Notes
This clock was my mother’s. It sat on an end-table next to her for years. It chimes a soft lovely tune every hour. When she died, my wife and I received it, and now cherish it in our home. Every time the chime plays, we think of her. It is a heavenly sound. I tried to capture that here.

This poem is a Whiney. Actually, 3 Whitneys.
Whitney Created by Betty Ann Whitney. This is a seven-line versed poem based on Japanese patterns that key off of syllable counts. This one has a fixed syllable format that contains:
3, 4, 3, 4, 3, 4, 7 syllables, respectively.
The short, expressive lines carry a lively verse that resonates well to almost any subject.
No rhyme scheme is required, but may be incorporated if desired.
For this poem, I did include a mixed rhyme scheme.

Verse 1:abccdbd
Verse 2:abcbdac
Verse 3:abccbda

This photograph was taken by the author of that clock on a table in our living room window.

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