(Whitneys – 2)



Pretty white


Broad petals

That mimic wings

Of angels,

Gently settles In a sanctifying sight.

Such beauty

In a garden

Soothes my soul.

Nature’s bounty

In the sun

Makes me extol

It’s white wonders with great glee.



Author Notes

These lovely white flowere are Anemones. There are several varieties, and I’m not sure which these are. They could either be the Japanese Anemone, or the Snowdrop Anemone. In any case, I spotted them at the Lake Harriet Rose Gardens. I loved their broad petals that I described here as Angel wings. They almost look like Butterflies.

This poem is a Whitney. Two, actually.

A Whitney is a poem that has a set format of 3/4/3/4/3/4/7

 I’ve done this one in two Whitneys to make two stanzas in Whitney format. I’ve also added rhyming which is not a requirement of this style, but not a specific scheme. 

This photograph was taken by the author himself.

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