Cold Waves



will go
cold flow
that’s breaking
on the
where the
ice and snow
have all piled up.
Their crystals,
the shore
in frigid dance
bold, cold


Author Notes:

Waves breaking on the shore of Lake Superior in March provide a cold inspiration for this poem. I missed the Waltz Wave contest, but was intriqued by a format I wasn’t familiar with. So, here is my first attempt.

This poem is a Waltz Wave Poem.
A Waltz Wave requires a 19 line poem with a fixed format of syllables. The pattern is:
Words may be split by syllable to fit the pattern. There is no requirement for rhyme, but it certainly is welcome. This form seems to educe a soothing cadence, similar in aspect to the rhythm of a waltz. The pattern visually evokes the image of waves breaking on a beach, when left justified. Thus the name – Waltz Wave. The theme doesn’t have to be about either waves or a dance, but is perfect for such imagery. It is just suggested that the topic should be soothing.

This picture was taken by the author himself in March, 2013.

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