The Cruise



We will board the boat,
bringing overcoat.
It’s cold.
For autumn float,
on leaves to dote,
so bold.
As we take note
of what Nature wrote
in gold.

Tickets have been sold
to the young and old,
to see
the scenery unfold.
So, aboard they strolled,
To at last behold
the wonders foretold
to be.

Cruising so carefree,
we wandered lazily
as Nature’s tapestry,
in all its majesty,
was seen.
Thus providing me
to dream.

And so, it would seem
a poetic theme
to quote,
of highest esteem,
whose glisten and gleam
the things that I deem
as most wondrous schemes,

Author Notes:

My wife and I went from an autumn river cruise along the Mississippi on Sunday. It was a three hour brunch cruise. This is the boat the we road on. It was a sunny day, and the temperature got up to around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Here is a poem that I wrote about it.

This poem is a Virelai.
A Virelai is a form of medieval French verse used often in poetry and music. It is one of the three formes fixes (the others were the Ballade and the Rondeau) that represent French repeating poetry. It was one of the most common verse forms set to music in Europe from the late thirteenth to the fifteenth centuries. The form is composed of long and short lines (most frequently 5 five syllables, then two) in either nine or twelve line stanzas. The long lines of the second stanza take their rhyme from the short lines of the first stanza. This pattern continues through out the poem until the final stanza – where the short lines take their rhyme from the long lines of the first stanza. so, for this poem, the meter throughout is 5-5-2, and the total rhyme scheme is:
aabaabaab – bbcbbcbbc – ccdccdccd – ddaddadda.

This photograph was taken by the author himself on October 18,2015.

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