Battle Lines



Battle Lines (Tuscan Strombata with Couplet)
In lost lore of mighty knights of yesterday,

‘Tis here adventurous hearts may seek a thrill.

Tacit thoughts of long ago and far away,

Carry dreams to pleasant setting on high hill.

Watching battle lines reflecting armor’s shine,

Whence nervous warrior pass a flask of fine wine.

‘Tis ownership of land, causing much ado

About which King’s claim is false and which is true.


Keep small the cost of blood and lost life, we pray.

So that mighty men may live another day.


Author Notes

Medieval battle over land caused strife throughout ancient Europe.

This poem is a Tuscan Strombata with a closing rhyming couplet. Tuscan Strombata …4 couplets, 11 syllables per line, ababccdd rhyming.

This artwork is from Yahoo Images

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