A Book


Open up a new world, when you travel in a book.
As did Alice, through her famous looking glass.
Catch the emotion when Cinderella lost her shoe.

When you read a tale resolved around a crystal shoe,
Life never becomes boring in any handy book.
So optimistically, you’ll perceive a half-filled glass.

For time will seem to fly, at the turning hour glass,
With your outlook as shiny as a newly polished shoe,
Where there’s knowledge and adventure found in every book.

A tapping shoe, a tipping glass, eyes within a book.


Author Notes:

A book is like a journey in your mind. I try to keep them at hand.

For this format, I randomly selected three words by looking around me, then wrote this poem using them. The three words are: glass, book, and shoe. I hope you enjoy this little exercise in poetry.

This poem is a Tritina.
A Tritina, which is a shorter cousin to the Sestina, involves using three, three-line stanzas (Tercets), and a final concluding line, for a total of 10 lines. Rather than rhyming, the three “end words” are used to conclude the lines of each stanza, in a set interweaving pattern of: ABC, CAB, BCA,
and all three end words must appear together in the final line.
Neither Tritina nor Sestina require a specific meter or line length, although 10 syllables is the most commonly used.
It is not rhymed. However, if you choose words that rhyme, you get a rhyming poem that interweaves the rhyme sequence.
For this poem I chose 13 syllables in variable meter, unrhymed.

This photograph was taken by the author himself on April 25, 2016, of one of his bookshelves.

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