Terror, Horror, False Faith


The Jihad error brings horror
In the city of light,
Where terror’s run with bombs and guns
Creates horrific sights.

A pleasant day turns to dismay,
As sudden death stalks streets,
Where bursting loud among the crowd
Are suicide deadbeats.

For who is free? We cannot be
Unsafe at social sites,
Like restaurants and local haunts,
Or under concert lights.

And it’s a shame when soccer games
Become a hunting ground
For evil men who ambush when
There’s no defense around.

Their thoughts of God are deeply flawed,
Since they have been misled.
As Satan’s plans in ISIS hands
Brings only blameless dead.

To be secure, the only cure
May be, eradicate
The cause and source of false discourse
Before it’s way too late.

Author Notes:

The horror that the Jihadists are perpetrating around the world is so outrageous, that drastic measures must be taken to eliminate this Satanic threat to all mankind. The recent incidents in Paris should serve as a wake-up call to all countries.

This poem is a Triquatrain.
The Triquatrain form was created by Robert L. Huntsman. It is a quatrain poem in tri-rhyme with a specific rhyming pattern (see below). Lines 1 and 3 have internal rhyme whereas lines 2 and 4 do not.

Rhyme Pattern:




. . . and so on.

The groupings in the parenthesis are on one line separated by a comma. This poem can be of any length or subject and do not require perfect meter.

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