Oh Weatherman!


It’s nine below zero.
I won’t be a hero,
Not today.

Thirty one below chill
Sure can make me real ill,
They all say.

But I’ll bundle up stout,
So that I may go out,

Since a warm set of clothes
Keeps the chill winter blows
At bey.

A good coat and a hat
Makes a warm habitat
To play

When thick gloves cover all,
You can throw a snowball
Quite a way.

By putting on ice skates
You’ll enjoy frozen lakes
All the day.

When it’s frozen outside,
You can go for a ride
On a sleigh.

Do whatever you need to.
Don’t let weather lead you
Too astray.

Author Notes:

That was the weather situation yesterday at 9:00AM, -9 degrees F, with a windchill of -31. Today it is colder. It did warm up to a balmy zero though.

This poem is done in 6-6-3 metered tercwets with a rhyme scheme of: aab ccb ddb …

The artwork is from Yahoo Clipart.

Synergy of Poetry and Verse. Author, Poet, Photographer

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