Undulating Snow

Just love bright play of light on undulating snow,
Its rounded surface sculpted by the wind.
The shades of black and white unite,
Like satin sheets gale-whipped, unpinned,
Released adrift along the way that shadows flow.

On cloudy days, the snow competes with naked trees,
Whose sleek and slender fingers claw a sky.
The shades of black and white unite,
In ways cloud’s muted contrasts amplify.
Each waivers up and down in subtle cold degrees.

On sunny days, those jeweled crystals soon ignite,
In blinding burst of stunning white snow glare.
The shades of black and white unite,
With morning frost, to mingle with crisp air,
While light on undulating snow, glows ever bright.


Author Notes

I think the poem says it all. Wind whipped snow on open fields undulates in lovely patterns of dark shadows and white rounded mounds. It’s enough to make one wax poetic! In this poem, I wanted to contrast the difference in mood that a cloudy day has, compared to a sunny day. Of course, this photograph was taken on a cloudy day. But I believe that both have their merits.

This poem is a Symmetrina.
The Symmetrina was created by Fanstorian Pantygynt. I discovered it while reviewing his poem, Polhena Beach, Sri Lanka, 0600.

I chose this format because it undulates too.

It is called it a Symmetrina because it presents a symmetrical shape and rhyme scheme over each stanza: The rhyme scheme for each is:
The rhythm is iambic throughout. It is structured in Quintets, which are stanzas with 5 lines. The first and last lines are Alexandrine Hexameters (12 syllables), the second and fourth pentameters (10 syllables) and the third is a tetrameter (8 syllables). So the meter becomes: 12,10,8,10,12.
No limit to the number of stanzas.

For this poem I modified the rhyme scheme a bit. I used the middle unrhymed line c in the middle of the stanza as an interlinked, repeating line in every stanza. I also used the c rhyme as the first and last rhyme in the final stanza to give a somewhat unique overall rhyme scheme that looks like this:
abCba – deCed – cfCfc.

This photograph was taken by the author on January 26, 2012.

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