I carry my anxiety like chains.
My thoughts converge in layered chain-link rust,
held down by fear, mistrust.
They seem to weigh like metal mental strains.
I can’t begin to get out of my bed,
for life just feels a heavy weight to bear.
I’ll stay where I am hooked.
embracing thoughts that wander through my head,
that tell me constantly that, I don’t care.
This way I keep my problems overlooked.

Oh what begat this foul predicament?
I once had personality and brains,
but now I’m wrapped in chains
from hours and days in worry that I spent,
that trapped me in a web that turned to steel,
and left me in this horrifying shape,
upon shame’s marble shelf.
Now, how confined, pressed down, depressed, I feel,
within a prison that I can’t escape.
I must confess. I did this to myself!


Author Notes:

Another poem inspired from the images that I captured at the Sculpture Garden in Minnetrista, Minnesota. This one had a powerful impact, but it took a while before my thoughts coalesced. Certainly there was a feeling of imprisonment, but I couldn’t decide whether it was within a fiend’s torture chamber, or something else. I finally decided that it felt self imposed, which led to this poem. I think I captured the many elements this image yielded.

This poem is a Swinburne Decastitch.
A Swinburne Decastich combines the rhyming pattern of an interrupted Petrachan Sonnet, with the breathing cadence of common iambic meter. He may not have created it, but Algernon Charles Swinburne composed one and exposed it to the public in his “A Ballad of Death”. So, it was named for him.
A Decastitch is a poem of 10 lines. The rules for a Swinburne Decastitch are:
It is Stanzaic, consisting of any number of Stanzas.
It is Syllabic: 10/10/6/10/10/10/6/10/10/10
It is Rhymed: abbacdecde
It is composed in iambic Meter.

This photograph was taken by the author himself on September 30, 2017.

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