Orange on Gold

Orange Flowers

Orange on Gold

(Swap Quatrains)



Orange upon gold, floral delight,

Blooms are such a beautiful sight.

Glorious glow, petals unfold,

Floral delight, orange upon gold.

Travel around. See what you see,

Awesome views around the city.

Season’s height means colors abound.

See what you see. Travel around.

Flower planted in fertile fields,

Creates the glories nature yields.

Shrewd sown seeds, don’t take for granted

In fertile fields, flowers planted.

Orange on gold takes your breath away.

A showy scene that gods portray,

Beguiled be, by a sight so bold.

Takes your breath away, orange on gold.


Author Notes Another beautiful flower grouping I caught at the Lake Harriet Rose Gardens in Minneapolis. I searched profusely to find out what kind of flowers these may be, but couldn’t identify them. The closest I could get, was some kind of exotic Zinnia.
This poem is another format introduced to me creatively by Gungalo, in her poem, The Skirt.

It is called Swap Quatrains.

SWAP QUATRAIN: In each stanza of 4 lines, the first line is reversed in the fourth line. Line two must rhyme with line one and line three with line four. Do not repeat the same rhyming pattern on subsequent stanzas. Rhyme Scheme: AABB CCDD and so on.

This picture was taken by the author himself.

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