O Lovely Flowers



O Lovely Flowers

Your bounty overflows, in bulging flower pot,

With rich diversity in colors that it shows,

And all the many types of flowered plants it’s wrought.

In bulging flower pot, your bounty overflows.

We are truly blessed with a world full of colors.

The Creator has put them here, you may have guessed.

A flower transforms environments it alters.

With a world full of colors, we are truly blessed.

O lovely Flowers

With red and yellow blooms, they brighten walks and rooms,

Along with pink, purple, white in delicate plumes,

All wafting with the lovely scent of sweet perfumes,

They brighten walks and rooms with red and yellow blooms.

Lying on lovely seas of green, in pots of clay.

Placed by the gardener’s gentle hand, they can be seen.

Deftly arranged to please, in artistic display

In pots of clay, lying on seas of green.

O lovely flowers


Author Notes

They transform any environment.

This poem is formatted an Swap Quatrains. SWAP QUATRAIN VARIATION: Swap quatrains are verse of four lines where the first line is swapped in reverse with the fourth. First and third lines are rhyming as well as the second and the fourth. Usually, in a swap it is 1 and 2 and then 3 and 4 to rhyme. Do not repeat the same rhyme pattern in subsequent verses. 

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