The Picnic

Another sunset

The Picnic

(A Caudate Sonnet)



Residules of the day that linger on,

Reflected back in fading memories,

Are filtered like the sunlight through the trees,

Results of day’s activities since dawn.

Here children play upon the lawn

While charcoal scented smoke flows on the breeze,

And picnics tempt every taste to please

The hungry crowd before the food is gone.

Played summer games that were all inclusive.

Then swam in water cool and calm and clear.

Walked on paths that wandered through the wood.

Drank the fluid nature’s grapes produces,

While watching mother doe with baby deer.

These memories are all so  very good.

Now that it’s done, we stood.

We stayed upon that shore and watched sun set.

We sought to find what kissing might beget.

The Loons sang a duet.

Then as the orb’s reflected aura glows,

We sat there head-to-head and nose-to-nose.


Author Notes

A picnic at the lake that ends with a romantic sunset and fond memories.

This poem is a Caudate Sonnet.

A Caudate Sonnet is an expanded version of the sonnet. It consists of 14 lines in standard sonnet forms followed by a coda (Latin cauda meaning “tail”, from which the name is derived).  It starts with the Petrarchan sonnet and adds a three-foot tail, then adds a Heroic Couplet, then another tail, then another heroic couplet. The origin is Italian. 

The rhyme scheme is: abbaabba cdecde e ff f gg

The tail echoes the rhyme of the previous line (thus a tail) with a 6 syllable meter. The rest of the lines are in iambic pentameter.

This photograph was taken by the author himself.

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