OH, Dandelions

Oh dandelion, golden harbinger of spring,
I keep my eye on thee! You populate my lawn.
Your lion heads appeared so suddenly one dawn,
A yellow carpet, spread for bees to feast upon.

I find thy presence here a most amazing thing.
Eradication of thy growth has been my goal.
I’ve poisoned, pulled, and used all kinds of weed control.
Yet still, I find entire generations whole.

And, there’s a reproductive weapon that you bring.
As if your stubborn stamina were not enough,
That golden head becomes a whitened ball of fluff
That spreads its seeds, when blows a single windy puff.

Though there are many angry thoughts these weeds inspire,
It’s their survival strategy I must admire.

Synergy of Poetry and Verse. Author, Poet, Photographer

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