Be Careful What You Ask For


So, three men arrived at the Pearly Gates.
Each one quite apprehensive ’bout their fates.
St. Peter anxiously began to swoon,
Because their sudden deaths had come too soon.

“You were expected ’bout a month from now.
Your places aren’t quite ready, anyhow.”
So flustered, didn’t know just what to do.
He went to ask God for an interview.

And God said, “We’ll just have to let them choose
What they’d like to be, while our working crews
Prepare for them a proper Heaven’s place.
It just must not be of the Human Race.”

Because they’d already left human kind,
Another species form they’d have to find.

Instructions given for a month of time,
To take a form that each would think sublime,
Would give the three relief and bits of glee
Unique to their own personality.

The first one said. “It wouldn’t be too boring
To be an Eagle, over mountains soaring.”
Although his attitude was deemed aloof,
His spirit was lifted aloft. Then – POOF.

The second said. “I know, I’d like to be
A Dolphin out cavorting in the sea.”
The last one said. “I think that I’d be lucky
To be a Stud in beautiful Kentucky”.

Each got their new experience to try,
And so it was to be, as time went by.

Then came the day their places were now done.
So Peter asked to retrieve everyone.
The angel wondered where they might be found.
The Gate Saint was required to expound.

“You’ll find the first one o’er the Grand Canyon.
He’s flyin’ free and soarin’ ‘neath the sun.”
“The second’s swimin’ in the Southern Sea.
He’s flippin’, floatin’, happy as can be.”

“I thought that last guy’s wish was rather strange,
But still, it was my pleasure to arrange.”
“He’s in Kentucky by that new church door.
Per his request, he is a two-by-four.”

So, if you’re given a selection task,
Make sure you’re careful how and what you ask.

Synergy of Poetry and Verse. Author, Poet, Photographer

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