Rosebud in Spring

1. The Promise — A Petrarchan Sonnet

A rosebud in the springtime, tiny sprout,
A promise that adorns those naked thorns,
as yesterday’s lost brilliance Winter mourns,
thy latent beauty hides ’til coming out.
Contained within cruel seasonal redoubt,
thou burst in colors that thy past forewarns.
Content to wait the signals thus reborn,
shall wait to see such loveliness you flout.

For then, thy day will come, when all is right,
as heat and moisture beckon when to grow.
Within a rush, as messages unite,
thy pod erupts, revealing all to show
its coded colors, beautiful and bright —
the sweetest blossoms souls could ever know.

2. The Emergence — An English Sonnet

The sweetest blossoms souls could ever know,
begin within the stir of Nature’s song.
Each petal swirls, unfurls, to Maestro’s bow —
a movement meant to bring its force along.

Unwrapping with the grace of dance ballet,
corollas sway to tunes that Chloris sings.
as springtime’s balladeers often portray
this goddess as the one who blesses Spring.

For, is a rose in spring not Nature’s gift
of colors bright and scents of sweet perfume?
Indeed, its purest beauty can uplift,
while balm of rose aromas richly loom.

Such attributes of roses soon attest,
when roses bloom in springtime, we are blessed.

3. Full Bloom — A Spenserian Sonnet

When roses bloom in springtime, we are blessed.
Thou kissed by sun to flash in morning dew,
on hues that painter’s pallets once possessed,
by masters on Parisian’s famous rue,
bring swirls of pink, or yellow, red or blue.
Once Spring releases messages to blush,
thy resins rise in petals, to shine through,
and grace yon gardens with good Nature’s brush,
upon thy flowers brandishing their bush.
Let’s not forget that first portent of Spring,
when sap formed buds within its fluent rush,
and promised real delights that springtime brings.
There’s no surprise there’s happiness to tout –
A Rosebud in the springtime, tiny sprout.


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