Crabapple Bloom

1. A Petrarchan Sonnet – Transition

What sheer delights blaze, when Crabapples bloom,
where claret buds soon fill the bluest skies.
A stunning treat to soothe our winter eyes
accustomed to the cold and leaden gloom,
when Boreas blew winds where Winter looms.
Now Zephyr’s west winds yield this bright surprise
that carries Spring whose fruits will soon arise
to fill the sky with blossom’s sweet perfume.

The Anemoi have fought for Gaia’s hand,
as seasons change from dim to bright display.
Mere mortals live within its constant sway,
while greater forces soon transform the land.
Where growth and rebirth stage a springtime stand,
a poet’s dreams are made on such a day.

2. An English Sonnet — Charm

A Poet’s dreams are made on such a day,
when ruby shoots adorn its wooded arms.
The Crabapple displays its winning ways.
In early Spring it shows its greatest charms.

With glowing shades of dark carnelian red,
its petals swathe broad limbs in Nature’s jewels,
to grace the azure sky, as branches spread,
declaring now, that brilliant color rules.

Oh Spring, so long awaited, has arrived!
These buds proclaim it so, without a doubt.
Another year these fruit trees have survived
to spread their charm and fragrances about.

What lovely sentinels of pure delight!
A Crabapple in bloom is quite a sight.

3. A Spenserian Sonnet — Disbursal

A Crabapple in bloom is quite a sight.
Its buds explode in beautiful arrays,
where whorls and swirls of elegance unite,
creating lovely, natural bouquets
upon a tree in colorful displays
of floral patterns, like a garden show.
They flutter in the breeze on windy days,
and ripple like the waves that come and go.
But then, the stronger winds begin to blow
and loosen flower’s grip from writhing tops.
Soon crimson petals fall to earth like snow.
Upon a rose strewn trail each flower drops.
Such wonders in the yards and forests loom.
What sheer delights blaze, when Crabapples bloom,

Synergy of Poetry and Verse. Author, Poet, Photographer

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