Homeless Halloween


Homeless Halloween

The big trick is finding shelter.

The sweet treat is something to eat.

In the heat they often swelter,

They need shoes when they have cold feet.

Halloween amongst the homeless

Should surely open up your eyes.

In a world that couldn’t care less,

They survive under open skies.

Will your children even see them,

Chasing treats in their cute costumes?

See people living in mayhem,

Within their makeshift cardboard rooms?

Are your bedrooms warm and comfy?

And full of scattered unused toys?

Those might give the homeless some glee

To  offer needy girls and boys.

After gorging on sweet candy,

Can you spare some unwanted clothes?

Your old coat my come in handy,

To a kid with a runny nose.

Don’t forget the homeless on Halloween.

Acts of kindness improve a dreary scene.


Author Notes

Many thanks to Preston for sponsoring a worthy event to help those who don’t have much to celebrate


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