Computer Industry Genesis

A spark, a thought, a draft design,
Desire to meet a certain need,
A mind alert to help define –
All elements to plant the seed.

Then from a noble nebulous,
A dream that was ambiguous,
Took on its own reality,
Creating opportunity.

John Mauchly and John Eckert gave
A gift to the entire world.
Turned on the first Eniac 1,
As digital readouts unfurled.

For thus it was, they turned the page.
From 1’s and 0’s the men bestowed
It ushered the Computer Age

With magical binary code.

They formed the firm of Univac.
Put first commercial use to it,
For government’s need, keeping track,
And turned a profit – just a bit.

In Nineteen Fifty census counts,
The Univac machine worked out
To prove efficiency throughout,
Reducing time by large amounts.

From something that was so benign,
Some software tools became divine.
The world was soon completely changed,
Amazed, improved, and rearranged.

And from it sprang a whole new way
Of doing complicated tasks.
It should rank high celebrity
Whenever survey question asks.

This joins historic tapestry.
They founded whole new industry.

Synergy of Poetry and Verse. Author, Poet, Photographer

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