Tree Top Thoughts

Where e’er thou buildest nest, best not to build with twigs,
Unless an eagle be, who decorates with sprigs.
For comfort be thy goal, where e’er thou buildest nest,
Unless thee thrive in trees, a softer nest is best.

A home is meant to be a place where most relax.
Not likely, when thy rump is sitting on sharp tacks.
That’s not the common way a home is meant to be.
But then again, most are not living in a tree.

Did nature compensate for giving birds their wings?
To gain command of air, did give up other things?
I oft’ have wondered thus. Did nature compensate?
When given gift of flight, is treetop home thy fate?

‘Tis just this observation, so subtly profound,
When God was making plans, we humans lived on ground.



Synergy of Poetry and Verse. Author, Poet, Photographer

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