Pirate’s Plight

Pirates Plight (Faux Shakespearean Sonnet)


Forsooth! Fair maid hath slipped the knot

That tightly bound these hands of mine.

Oh what fair wind did change my lot!

Twas judged to swing upon the vine.

I’d thought these evil deeds of I’d done

Twould stretch this misbegotten neck,

When captured at the point of gun,

Upon defiant pirate deck.

Sweet wench took note, unknown to me.

She took to heart my fated plight.

It seems love’s spark was meant to be.

Once love’s price paid, I fled the night.

I do confess, that I shall miss

Her probing hands and soft sweet kiss.


Writing Prompt
Write a poem in any form or style with Betrayal as the central theme.
Author Notes

She wanted more.

This is a Sonnet that is near Shakespearean, except it is written in iambic tetrameter rather than pentameter, plus I added an additional word.

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