Floral Fire

Beneath thy veil of Summer’s green attire,
Adorning trees with leaves of red and gold,
‘Tis Autumn’s bursting glimpse of floral fire.
Magnificent displays to oft’ behold!

Whence sunlight spreads its rays into its boughs,
Thy hidden colors have become revealed.
What splendor! Causing passions to arouse.
Where’er they once were ever well concealed.

But oh, so short thy season of the leaves,
When soon thy remnants rustle in the breeze,
As Mother Nature grants nought one reprieve,
But drops in pastel piles ‘neath naked trees.

For Lo, we know yon season hath an end,
As Winter lurks just ’round the barren bend.

Synergy of Poetry and Verse. Author, Poet, Photographer

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