Richard and Renie

Richard and Renie

(A Rubiyat Sonnet)


Dick and Renie

When two hearts have come together as one,
Heavenly sparked by Colorado sun,
Nuptial bells proclaim husband and wife.
Together, forever, life’s journey begun.Richard and Renie’s adventurous life
Was not without storms and perilous strife,
But love for each other has dampened their fears.
It cuts through the problems, sharp as a knife.And now they have made it for forty years,
A life full of their love, laughter, and tears,
Their child and grand kids now take up their time –
An affectionate task that sweetly endears.Now, lets acknowledge their glorious climb.
So cheeer! And here’s to their love so sublime!

Contratulations Richard and Reenie!

Author Notes:

My Brother, Richard, and his wife Corine(Renie) are celebrating their 40th wedding Aniversary in April this year. I wrote this poem for that upcoming event. They met in Vail, Colorado, and got married there. They now have an adopted daughter and 3 grandchildren.

This poem is a Rubiyat Sonnet. It combines the attributes of a Sonnet, having 3 Quatrains and closing couplet, with a Rubiyat, having quatrains that interlink rhymes. The Rubiyat mono-rhymes line 1,2,and 4 of each stanza, while line 3 creates the rhyme for the following stanza, thus interlinking them.

This picture was taken by my sister Laurie, and my brother Joe’s wedding in 2012.

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