The Yellow Mountains of China

The Yellow mountain range of Chinese lore
can glow in sunset’s shine like purest gold.
What beauty has brought culture to the fore?
Its very vistas, beautiful and bold.

Huang Di, China’s leader who was known
as “Yellow Emperor” of ancient fame —
There’s legends he ascended heaven’s throne
from there, which gave that mountain site his name.

Huangshan, “Yellow Mountain” in Chinese,
gained fame -747 AD.
Li Bai described it in a poem treatise,
which brought attention as a sight to see.

The sixty thousand steps carved in its side,
were dug out fifteen hundred years ago.
Unesco’s designation brings great pride,
And twenty thousand poems been penned, or so.

These mountains rise unto majestic heights
as one of China’s most artistic sites.

Synergy of Poetry and Verse. Author, Poet, Photographer

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