Lush Lagoon


When I seek out a place of solitude,
there’s always water in the interlude,
a place where I and nature oft’ commune.
I look for something like a lush lagoon.

Where lovely weeping willows line the shore,
I’ll watch the sky-borne raptors swoop and soar,
or contemplate, as clouds go drifting by,
the mysteries of when, or how, or why.

It’s magic with the feel and smell of grass,
that cradles me as idle moments pass.
I’ll dip my toes into a languid pool,
allowing me to keep my body cool.

I long to feel the touch of gentle breeze,
and watch the flowers with the honey bees.
Such colors are the vibrant greens and blues,
the ones that nature often gives in hues.

Now, given all I’ve said, I have to say,
I’d love to do it each and every day.

Synergy of Poetry and Verse. Author, Poet, Photographer

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