California Fires


California Fires ( Sonnet)

There’s smoky tendrils carried on the wind

From fire in the California hills.

As their very expensive homes are thinned,

No one laments the wildlife it kills.

Each year it seems the story is the same,

The flames consume vast stretches of the state.

Officials wonder where to place the blame,

As homeowners ponder property’s fate.

Whole neighborhoods sadly destroyed by fire.

With families left bereft of all they own,

Their shattered dreams consumed in burning pyre,

The victims face their tragedy alone.

Takes years before the scenery is replaced,

And clear financial burdens that they faced.


Author Notes

In the News again. California burns every year, it seems with great cost to families, wildlife, and the environment.

This is a Sonnet in iambic pentameter. There are two troublesome words in it that can be pronounced with either two or three syllables: families, scenery. For this poem they are intended as two.

The picture is from Microsoft ClipArt.

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