Such a Day

Such a Day

(A Blank Verse Sonnet)


Delight in such a lovely autumn day!
It’s wonderful to go and be outside.
Decide to walk, or jog, or just to sit,
Absorbing classic color on the trees.

Where gentle breezes blow, and birds do sing,
Content amongst the foliage, so serene.
We dream to come and sit on benches there,
And calmly watch the world go drifting by.

For here a cyclist stops to take a rest,
While avid jogger finds a ready path.
Two lovers sit and chat adoringly
As filtered sunlight dapples leaves on grass.

It’s swell, and all is well on such a day,
When autumn leaves have turned where people dwell.

Synergy of Poetry and Verse. Author, Poet, Photographer

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