Forest Fantasy

Forest Fantasy (Sonnet, Blank Verse )


I hold aloft a swirling candy cane.

‘Twas on a tree, assume it was a gift.

It nestled there twixt needles of a pine

All shriveled and abandoned by a brook.

I pondered here just how this came about,

This morsel of some past and happy time.

A now forgotten trinket that I find

Amongst the grizzled needles of that pine.

And soon I stripped it of its meager shell,

To slip a languid swipe across my tongue.

A minty flavor met my favored taste,

With that small test, too soon the rest was gone.

Then suddenly I swooned, and as I fell,

I heard a lilting laughter from the knell.


Author Notes

A little fantasy to liven things up. not sure where this camed from, just popped out of me.

This poem is a Sonnet, but written without rhyme. it is written in iambic pentameter, making it a blank verse.

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