Satan’s Rage


I will DANCE on your tomb under silvered moon
at the edge of the darkened abyss.
Let the demons howl LOUD in the fires of doom
Their damned souls shall enflame by my kiss.

While this writhing mass SQUIRMs on my pointed fork
I will stir bubbling MIX to a BREW
All the noxious fumes SREAD when the vials uncork
‘Til the SMELL, holy HELL breaks on through.

With a banshee’s SCREAM I will REND empty air
Fill the sultry silence with my DIN.
‘Til their eardrums BLEED from oaths I will swear,
So their heads will all SWELL from within.

Then my black BURNING EYES hypnotize in GLARE
As my smoking RAGE fully unfolds,
But this carnage unleashed really CAN’T compare
To the damage THIS DAY I behold.

For the sacrifice HE made on Calvary
Means that JESUS has unseated ME.




Synergy of Poetry and Verse. Author, Poet, Photographer

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