Serenity of Zen


Serenity of Zen

(A Tri-rhymed Sextet)

The essence of serenity,
Based in reality,
Is some locality
That highlights the beauty around,
Which often can be found
To delight and astound.

It’s amazing to find a place
Full of beauty and grace,
A very special space
That blends the best aspects of two
Different points of view
Into what artists imbue.

An Asian architecture blends
Its ancient Bonsai trends,
To yield aesthetic ends,
Which stands in Nature’s glen
To bring the likes of men
The qualities of Zen.

And all of this can here be seen
In quiet setting, so serene.

Author Notes:

The setting in this photograph, with the Bonzai tree, Asian trestles, stones, and chairs surrounded by natural fall beauty inspired this poem. I tried to describe its essence. I hope you enjoy it.

This poem is a Tri-rhymed Sextet with closing couplet. A Sextet is a poem with six line verses. Here, every 3 lines are mono-rhymed. I have been experimenting with Poems that contain three consecutive rhymes. Here, I also played with meter. Six lines with 2 sets of 3 rhymes, but also Meter that has an 8 syllable line followed by 2 with 6, repeated twice. So, for this poem, the entire rhyme scheme is:
aaabbb cccddd eeefff gg.
The syllable count is:
866866 866866 866866 88.

This photograph was taken by the author himself in October, 2014 at the Minnesota Aboretum.


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