The Falls

Minnehaha Falls from Steps


The Falls
(A Sonnet)


As people gather at the park,
Where water falling leaves its mark,
Its sight definitely enthralls,
At Minnehaha waterfalls.
It pours profusely off the cliff,
Cascading in a rippling riff,
That fills the valley with its sound.
Its fame is known for miles around.
In spring, snow melting makes it grow
‘Til narrow banks might overflow.
Crowds love to watch it from the bridge,
Observing it below the ridge.
One thing – most folks are ignorant
About its seafood restaurant.

Author Notes
Minnehaha Falls is located in a wonderful park 5 minutes from the Minneapolis International Airport. The creek and falls are the major attraction, but there are miles of wooded paths, and lovely picnic areas. Bicycles and pedal-powered surreys are available for rent. Outdoor concerts are frequently given there during the summer. It also has a little known, but fabulous seafood restaurant. Pictured here is falls itself, taken from the steps leading down into the valley where the falls cascades. Weddings are often held on the bridge. This was taken in the spring before the leaves were out.
This poem is a Sonnet, distinguished by its three quatrains and closing couplet. It is in iambic tetrameter with an aabb rhyme scheme.
The photograph was taken by the author himself.

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