PEEPS and Company


Peeps and Company me

(Sonnet Format)



If they are craving candy,

Families love to visit PEEPS.

Sweet choices are all dandy,

Tempting all to purchase heaps.

Mike and Ike are so chewy,

Hot Tamales make you roar,

And others that are gooey,

In this favorite candy store.

Bring the kiddies in to see

What sweet goodies they might like.

Choices pondered happily

Smile the faces of each tyke.

While friendly staff always keeps

It pleasant at pop’lar PEEPS.


Author Notes

There is a PEEPS candy store at the Mall of America, that is popular with anyone who has a sweet tooth. PEEPS are iconic at Easter time, but good any time of year, with their marshmallow center and colored sugar coat. Plenty of other choices too.

This is part of my Mall of America series.

This poem is structured like a Sonnet, but doesn’t meet all its criteria. The 7 syllable count is generally not used in Sonnets, and the verse is clearly not iambic, but it does have the three quatrains with abab rhyme scheme followed by a closing rhyming couplet, which is typical of a Sonnet.

The picture was taken by the author at Mall of America in July, 2012.


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