Lethal legacy


Lethal Legacy

(A Sonnet)



Those beating hearts driven, to pounding of the drums,

With flags unfurled  and snapping, to the battle hum.

No-man’s land between them, two armies that have come

To prove in battle, who’s God is the chosen one.

Pope Urban set in motion, with words -“It’s God’s Will”,

Unleashed crusades for Holyland, loosing bloody spill.

He granted an indulgence to forgive all sin,

To take back Jerusalem, the great prize to win.

And so we find two armies, here on holy ground,

Where  reaper’s grim destruction will too soon abound.

With endless seeds of hatred sown on blood soaked soil

Now carried over eons, fueled by faith and oil.

And so the lines stand ready, it’s so sad to say,

That hatred planted then, is still in play today.


Author Notes

The battle lines are still drawn today between Christian and Muslim. At least, at the fanatical fringes.

This sonnet carries the 3 abab rhymed quatrains with a closing rhymed couplet for the traditional 14 line sonnet. I wrote this one in iambic hexameter (twelve syllables, 6 iambic feet)

The artwork is from Yahoo Images


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