Landing Goose


Landing Goose

(A Shardoma Poem)



Landing fast,

A Canada goose

Streaking past.

I’m aghast!

With that splashing water cast,

Landing gear let loose.


Author NotesSkimming the water as it lands, a Canada Goose in action.

This poem is a Shardoma. A Shardoma is a short poem of six lines (a sextet) with a fixed syllable count of 3/5/3/3/7/5. This gives it a lively, expressive tempo. It can either be free verse or rhymed. I chose to rhyme it. I used abaaab.

I took this photograph on the Mississippi, at Grey Cloud Island near Cottage Grove, Minnesota, with my Sony Alpha, high speed camera. This is one frame from a 20 frame sequence.

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