Blue Encounter


Blue Encounter

My time about, was overdue,
but then I spotted a Great Blue,
so staid, it stood a silent statuette,
on stilted legs, knee deep in marsh,
bright yellow eyes, aware and harsh.
So close it seemed, the closest ever yet.

It looked about, then stabbed a fish,
tossed it high, with juggler’s flourish,
then let it slide down long contorted throat.
Amazed by its agility,
and laser-speed ability,
I stood transfixed. It preened its feathered coat.

Then all at once, it took to air,
which nearly caught me unaware.
My trusty cam’ra captured everything!
You can’t imagine how I felt,
with such great luck that I was delt,
to witness prowess when it spread its wings.

Oh, such a sight I watched just then!
This bird in flight, it soared again,
to skim the water with such primal grace.
It took me back to days of yore,
when Pterodactyl dinosaur
had yet encountered any human race.

Author Notes:

This is a true story about my encounter with a Great Blue Heron.

The poem is written in Sestets. The rhyme scheme for all four is:
The syllable count in all stanzas is: 8-8-10-8-8-10, mixed meter.

These photographs were taken by the author himself in July of 201

Synergy of Poetry and Verse. Author, Poet, Photographer

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