Crow Association

Dark Crows

Crow Association




I heard a crow caw once,

Then twice again.

A grating sound that seems to bounce

As it echoed through the glen.

A somber sound,

Of which I’ve found

Reminded me of troubled times back then.

A time when passion’s race was free

To fly unfettered when

The moment struck and danced so merrily.

Back before it began,

Malicious madness,

Sickly sadness,

As birds became unknowing talismen.

For what but evil conspired to take away

The passion we once had to sow

When cruelly lost one fateful day T

hat started with the calling of a crow.

Awakening to find

Recesses of her mind

Were twisted into someone I didn’t know.

It’s hard to know what’s locked inside the brain

Invisible until the symptoms show.

Lucidity too difficult to obtain,

Typical reactions become slow,

A poignant pain,

A harsh refrain,

Began the day I heard the calling of the crow.


Author Notes Just a fictional Poem. I was sitting having my coffee this morning, when I heard a crow caw. Well, off my Muse went. From whence this came, I know not. But I hope you enjoy it.
A septet is a poem with seven lines of any style, form, or meter.
For this one I chose a rhyme scheme of: ababccb.

There is a variable meter.

The author took this photograph, them modified it with framing.

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