Alligator Alligatiions


The lizard slithered through the slime,
arising from the mists of time,
to wallow in the iridescent muck.
What, to my unfortunate luck,
did fortune let laboriously climb
just moments from my feet?
I must retreat!

For fear had gripped my very soul,
and from my wits, taken its toll.
But wait! I now perceive, it’s just a branch!
From this tree bough, I need not blanch.
My nerves have now regained complete control.
The likenesses’ deceit
sent me offbeat.

Author Notes:

Hah! I was out walking along a swamp platform located at the Dodge Nature Center in Mendota Heights, Minnesota, when I came across this object in the water. It sure looked like an alligator. Of course, there are no alligators in Minnesota. It’s too cold in the winter for them to survive. So I was a bit surprised, until I realized that it was only a tree branch. I took this picture and wrote this poem for my Animate Stills Collection.

The Poem is a set of Septets
Septets are poems with 7 line stanzas. Not an established format, that I am aware of. Just something I put together. I was playing a bit with line lengths, so the syllable pattern is:
8,8,10,8,10,6,4 and 8,8,10,8,10,6,4.
The rhyme scheme is:
a,a,b,b,a,c,c d,d,e,e,d,a,a.

This photograph was taken by the author himself, using just his cell phone, on October 8, 2017.

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