A Christmas Scrabble Game

When Our Lord Jesus died upon the cross,
Descending, He freed Adam then from Hell.
Recovering from pain of Heaven’s loss,
His sin erased, so none could ever tell.

Oh Come Emmanuel!

So God and Adam, once again good friends,
Would sit for hours with just a simple aim,
Enjoying time that one another spends
At Scrabble’s famous word formation game.

So one December not too long ago,
They met again as they had often done.
They scattered all the pieces to and fro,
Selecting their own game tiles one by one.

Angels watched on high.

So God placed the first word upon the board,
The WISEMEN were the ones to come along.
As Adam’s CHRISTMAS struck a proper chord,
The season’s emanations were quite strong.

Which gave God thoughts of BETHLEHEM,
But Adam thought it’s time for making MERRY.
Then God’s LOVE was revealed to all of them,
While Adam saw the word GOD in a hurry.

Rest Ye merry Gentlemen.

God scratched His head, and then put up a LEG,
While Adam only thought about his PRESENTS
Our God sent forth a special shining STAR.
Soon Adam saw the BABY in his presence.

Then God released an ANGEL to inform,
While Adam was preoccupied with MARY,
God organized the SHEPHERDS early morn,
As Adam noticed JOSEPH in the story.

Oh Holy Night!

Then God exclaimed that JESUS was His son,
Just like the Bible verse that Adam READ.
God’s planned NATIVITY had just begun,
Then Adam used his Y for RYE instead.

Now God ran out of actions, so HE passed.
Embarrassed, Adam slowly set down SIN.
So God sent down His only SON, at last.
Cried Adam, “Let the HOLIDAY begin!”

And He shall reign forever!

It ended with the very best of things,
When God declared HIS SON “the KING of Kings!”



Author Notes:

I wanted to post this poem at Christmas time, but due to technical difficulties, I had to wait until now. I had the words all laid out on paper and the stanzas were written, but when I went to lay it out on a Scrabble board, there weren’t enough letters. So I had to order more online. Just got them in the mail today. Yes I know there is an M that is actually a W, and that you cannot actually play a word in the margins, but give me a little license here. It’s a poem. Now, here it is. I hope you like it.

Pay some attention to the byplay between God and Adam that I wrote into this. Adam has a mostly worldly view of Christmas, while God is trying to reveal the true meaning. Adam almost gets it, but not quite.

This is a Scrabble Poem.
I was introduced to it by a former Fanstorian, Indie Skreet. She may have been its creator. I’m not sure. The concept is to create a themed Scrabble layout and then write a rhymed poem describing the play.

This photograph was taken by the author himself on January 4, 2016.

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