The Fear

“All we have to fear,
is fear itself!”

For what is fear,
but just anxious

We’ll make our own realities.
Better or worse,
we cast our final vote.

Author Notes:

Of course the fear is – who will we choose as our next President? The famous quote is from Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) during his address to congress after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

This poem is a Sapphonic Triad
A Sapphonic Triad is a format created by our own Ciliverde, and named by Pantygynt. It consists of three parts (the triad) – a two line quotation (Free verse but max total of sixteen syllables – must be concise and memorable), followed by a quatrain of four lines each of four syllables, and finally an 8-4-6 syllable envoi that moves us on somewhere…it should have a “satori” feeling. It is called Sapphonic due to its similarity to the female, ancient Greek poet Sappho, who was famous for her clever, short poetic works.

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